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Back at it again with the blogpost 


Hey guys! I know I know it’s been wayyyy too long since I’ve last posted a post but life gets in the way sometimes and my life has definitely gotten in the way. Between a move back from Athens and family coming to visit it’s been HECTIC. Let me tell you one thing though… I have seriously missed the QC. Anytime I leave I’m always so grateful to come back to this wonderful place, it’s the best definition of home. A lot has happened here since I’ve been back… riots, concerts, football season, the end of summer, it’s been a crazy ride. Getting back into the Charlotte scene has been great, there is always so many things to do and so many new places popping up all the time! Have you guys tried Babalu?! It’s amazing! I, however, am partial to good tacos. Last weekend was one of my favorite events, the South End Wine Festival… a girl can never have enough wine 🍷 this month is filled will all great events going on! This weekend is Sycamores 2nd anniversary celebration and they’ll be rolling out some great seasonal beers for the day! I can’t wait! If you haven’t gone to the Renaissance Fair then I highly recommend doing that as well! They always have great food and face painting and a lot of activities for all ages. This weekend I will be partaking in pumpkin carving, an EDM concert at the Filmore and apartment hunting! I also plan on checking out Sycamore, Peanut Butter Cookie Porter! I think that speaks for itself! Now I know y’all must be wondering about this EDM business so this weekend one of my favorite DJs (Marshmello) is in town at such a great venue! The Filmore may be small but its such a great place to get close to the artists and really get into the music,  I plan on being able to feel the vibrations! I’ll be posting pictures on instagram of my weekend and all the places I go! I’m also going to post a link to one of my favorite Marshmello songs, as well as a link to buy tickets for the Renaissance Festival! There’s a lot going on this weekend, make sure to get in on the fun and enjoy this beautiful weather and city!

P.S. Panther fans rest easy…Our boys are coming back strong next week!

Link to Marshmello :

Renaissance Festival Tickets :


Charleston Favorites

Recap from my weekend getaway! Charleston you always amaze me!

FullSizeRender (2)
First stop of the night! One of my personal favorites! Home Team!
This is DANGER! The infamous Game Changer!
One of the best brisket sandwiches! I mean come on! Look at how thick the cut is!? Also featured is Mac & Cheese…where you can’t go wrong!
Smoky and BBQ perfection wings with their house made white sauce! Better than ranch!
FullSizeRender (1)
This is from the outside of Boathouse! Such a beautiful view!
Boathouse! Great place to start the night and view the sunset, its unbelievable! I even got the pleasure of seeing a dolphins!
Beautiful sunset from Boathouse
Before leaving I made a stop at Five Loaves Cafe…HOLY MOLY. THE BEST shrimp and grits I’ve ever had were here! I mean just look at the picture!

Weekend Getaway


As summer is coming to an end what better way to spend one of my last weekends then heading down to Charleston, SC?! One of my favorite beaches and places to visit just about 3 hours away from Charlotte. Its a unique town full of so many good foodie places and shops. One of my most recent visits was to Home Team BBQ and let me tell you! This restaurant has, in my opinion, the best meals in Charleston! Their wings are charred to perfection giving it its smoky flavor and BBQ taste! Annndddd do not let me even get started on their tater tots and their infamous harrissa sauce, by far the best sauce I have ever had! I would bottle it up and eat it solo if I could…THATS how good it is! But I’ve saved the best for last…Home Teams very own frozen game changer which consists of: rum, spiced rum, OJ, pineapple juice, cream of coconut and a dash of fresh nutmeg. Deliciousness in a drink that gets the night started! It truly is a game changer! The downtown location also has a frozen Irish coffee that is the jump you need as well if you want to hang for the whole night!

There are so many places that I love in Charleston that make it such a great place to visit. Sullivans island is a great place that has so many shops and restaurants to visit before or after you go to the beach, one of my personal favorites being Poe’s Tavern. A restaurant dedicated to Edgar Allen Poe (if you watch the following then you know who would love this place ;)). The nightlife here is always a lot of fun…I always enjoy the laid back hangouts at Shem Creek ( where you can also rent Kayaks and Paddle boards) and then when I go downtown I always love going to Prohibition where I dance all night long, or Warehouse where the drinks are always good! Pictures of my weekend getaway will be posted soon so stay tuned bloggers!

Here are some of my favorite places to go when I’m in town:

P.S. Can I just take a second to congratulate my team on their first preseason game?! Yes there were some hiccups but this is what these games are played for! To learn and get better! Not a win but we can only get better! The other teams aren’t ready this year boys! Goooooo Panthers!!! đź’™

Football seems to be the start

Today kicks off the preseason for the Carolina Panthers and my second blog entry. Panther fans will be all over the city as we face the Ravens in Baltimore this evening. I will be cheering them from the comfort of my home with full confidence in the football season. Last week at Fan Fest there was promise as I saw the team take the field…even with the downpour that occurred. Football season is always such a great start, for me it means getting together with friends, tailgating, and cheering the team until I no longer have a voice. It’s the time of year where cities rally together to fight through a season and make it to the top and Charlotte is the city that unites during football. The infamous Doghouse will house so many pregame tailgates and the streets will bleed black and blue.

Charlotte has a lot going for them and were on the map already as one of the biggest growing cities in the US. I’ve lived in North Carolina for almost all of my life and I’ve traveled to many places but there is nothing better then coming home to the city I love. This summer I’ve been fortune enough to spend with my boyfriend in Athens, GA but I will be making the move back up in two short weeks and I am ready to greet my city with full arms again. The Queen City isn’t ready!

13741219_826400937490500_649168430_nP.S. If you’re in the Charlotte area be sure to give a try to the newest delivery service, Favor! They are giving away free Chick-Fil-A sandwiches to promote their services! Check them out!


What better day to launch?!

Day one is here! What better day is there to launch my new blog site then co-sharing the day with the kick off of football season for the Carolina Panthers? Charlotte has a lot to offer and once football season commences the events get better and the city comes to live! Usually tickets for this event are free but due to high numbers of attendance last year there were challenges in managing a successful outcome so this year there was a capped off number of tickets being given out. Tickets were still free this year however the early bird gets the worm on these tickets, many people were able to get tickets ( limit of  6 per person) and some are taking the chance to go see their favorite team practice on the field for the first time since last season. Annnddd then there are the people who are looking to make a quick buck off a free event. This is where people should have some decency, Fan Fest was created for the people to go and kickoff the season in a laid back, fun family environment and this year some people will have to forgo the chance to go for scammers that want to profit off something that is a privilege. Tickets on craigslist are going for $50 a ticket! Insane! If you have the chance to go then go yell and cheer on our boys before we start the season! Scammers have a little bit of heart! Tonight the city will welcome back the boys in blue as they take the BOA stadium for practice and I for one cannot wait. Football season is back Charlotte.. Lets get ready to paint the town!

If you’re thinking that this a blog based on Sports or mainly the Panthers.. It isn’t. I just have a lot of love for my team. I am so excited to start blogging about the latest and greatest going on in Charlotte from my point of view, as well as life and things going on in the world today! Simply keeping it real is my motto, raised in all parts of Charlotte I know all the spots and events going on in this beautiful town and I want you all to experience it through my eyes. So wish me luck on this journey! Happy Blogging and Go Panthers!


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